Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Server Stress Test

First server test with new high level api.

-105 Players in the same screen
-CPU usage 25%
-RAM usage 100 megs
Potential server limits are 400 in the same area.  1,000 players across the server.  This current user limit may be doubled once a few things that are being force synced, are disabled or SyncedToOwner instead.  For example: players don't need to know whats in everyone else's inventory.

CPU Xeon E3-1270 v3 4 Cores x 3.5 GHz
Hard Drive 120 GB SSDv
Operating System Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x86_64

Friday, 29 June 2018


Considering launching 8.1 server this weekend.  Need the players tho, who is in?  You know I bring that English content.

I know ya'll want that PVP board.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

EverQuest 1 and 2

Well, I spent the last four days bouncing around the EQ 1 servers.  I originally tried P99 but that shit is way too boring and outdated.  DayBreak opened a new time-locked progression server, three months ago and they just released the first expansion, for that server, like a week ago.  Tried that for the majority of the three days, beyond F'ing boring.  For a game called EverQuest, you do a lot of grinding and not a lot of questing.  I joined a small group at level three and we just sat in one spot, killing everything that spawned around us.  There must have been 100 to 200 corpses on the screen and I was still level three.  That's when I realized I could never kill this fast on my own and that this game was nothing but a boring grind.  Like level 3 to 4 is slower than 49 to 52 in Lineage.

 I still wanted to play EQ though, so I went and made a toon on their updated servers.  I think they have 25 expansions out now.  Anywho, I played there for about 2 hours and got level 5.  I spent the whole time questing and learning about the game.  The combat was slow and thought out, which I like, but it wasn't a snooze fest like the old EQ.

I also decided to give EQ2 a try.  That's where the fun really kicked in.  I know graphics don't make a game, but damn, EQ1 is hard on the eyes.  Like it physically hurts my eyes to play.  EQ2 is so much more enjoyable.  For being made in like 2004, the game feels modern and is actually fun to play.

Met this guy or girl around level 5.  He got me over to the other side of the map, with better questing.  Quest rewards were nicer too.  It's nice to grind with someone and have a conversation.  The best part of grinding in EQ2, you don't sit in the same spot for hours on end, you actually move around and find new monsters or go into caves, or almost die from a named mop, lol.  Ended the day off at level 11.

I think I am still going to play EQ1, on the their most updated live server, probably as a Beastlord and my Beserker on the EQ2 time-locked server.  I love the idea that I can play the older content with everyone else and still experience the expansions unlock, every few months.  The Necromancer is beyond cool.  I saw a level 80 or so Necro in town and holy shit, what a bad ass looking toon.

All in all, both games have given me some really great insight into what works and what doesn't work in an MMO.  Why learn from my mistakes when I can learn from other people's mistakes.  Less painful and costly that way ;)  For example, I didn't want players being able to change their spells on the fly, they would have to be in town to do so.  Your character will have six main spells and one Ultimate.  In EverQuest you sit down and scribe your spells onto a spell bar before you can use them on your hotkey bar.  I like this idea but I think the process can be sped up, made to be less of an annoyance and be given more of a roleplay aspect.  I am going to expand on that idea and create like a meditation area, where you sit in front of the towns fire pit or something similar.  Once sitting, you can change and update your seven main spells that you'll use when you leave town.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


I am deciding to move all DevLog posts over to IndieDB.  I have been sharing them here and on Facebook but there really is no new exposure, outside of my friends sharing my posts.  Only Lineage stuff will remain here.

I also stripped mostly.  I still have a few more things to disable.  It brings back some nostalgia, looking through the images of translated content from Korea.  Man Lineage is good, in its Korean form... any who, new domain and new site are coming before the summer is up.  If you had any content on the forums that you want back, contact me here.

I caught [Depressed] using summons/tames to kill AFK players.  You can see in the screenshot below, those are his summons killing Yuuki and that Princess doll belongs to Depressed.  It's following him around while he is Invisible.  I confronted Depressed and he like flipped his shit and went all crazy on me.  Even tried impersonating a GM.  Didn't screenshot all the chat, but this went on for about two hours.  Guess now we know why he chose the name Depressed.  Poor guy, I don't know what happened to him, to make him act this way.  I hope he will be okay.

The positive and negative of all the fights at pho, is when Phoenix actually spawns, no one believes you when you call it.  Even the BP ignored the call.  Bentai and I pulled most of the drops.  I called in Capwne to help, because we couldn't break its regen.  Got a bit of PVP action at Ancient Giant.  Pretty sad to see the exact same tactics being used ten years ago.  Run around until you can Earth Bind someone.  Surround them. Stun.  Move on.  These are the same PVPers you'd see in any other game, glitching their way on to a roof and using a bow to attack players.  No skill.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Tilemap, Raycasting on GUI - Update 2

Cube Burn wasn't awarding the player with EXP or Drops.  Reported to the GM and he said it would be fixed on the next update.  The EXP event sucked.  It seemed to be geared to mages and new toons.  Nothing new here though.  Mages get all the love.

I am still bouncing around on my toons.  I just can't get into a groove for more than an hour or two.  I have been staying off Global and keeping my toon names quiet, so that the gameplay is more relaxing.  Even decided to exclude a few people.  Some of things I have seen said on Global chat, should be an instant and permanent ban, on any server; but I don't make the rules.  I like the DK but certain skills aren't working so he is basically a Dark Elf with cheaper weapons.  I like the Illusionist but, again, broken skills.  I expect the fixes for Ignition to be in tonight, so maybe I can get some play time in before bed.  I really want to see how strong an Illusionist can be at 70+.  I'd also love to get my hands on the Warrior class.  I mean you can play it in Japan or on your own Private server, but I wanna play it on a Live American server.  Like to see how this class changes up the fight scene.  I gave the server files for this update, to the GMs but it's not exactly a cut and paste.  I may never get to play the warrior.

I am making smaller, daily updates to the text files and uploading every few days.  So keep checking the English Patch page if you want to stay up to date.  There is also a new tab at the top.  Swing Lag Fix.  Go check it out if your game play isn't as responsive as you'd like it to be.

I am using a toolkit, inside Unity, to get my MMO off the ground.  With that comes a lot of preset tools.  For example, a basic GUI is created for you.  This is all fine and dandy but, by default, Raycasting is enabled on all windows/buttons/images/etc/etc, so that your buttons actually work when you try to interact with them.  Unfortunately I had to go in and disable it on every static UI element.  Unity should really a check for a static or dynamic UI element.  I feel bad for anyone designing their own game and doesn't have a clue about these things.  I promise this is the last time I optimize the GUI, haha.

I am looking into using a tilemap for the terrain.  I'm 99% positive I can keep the NavMesh working with a tilemap.  It's a lot easier to create a 3D tile set, than it would be for me to create the terrain entirely by hand.  A tilemap should also make it much easier when I want to expand the main map.  On that thought, considering the flatness of a tilemap, maybe I forgo the terrain I originally wanted and the tilemap.  Instead I can just use a flat surface for now and easily add a second level for mountains, etc.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Camera and GUI - Update 1

Not a lot of time spent in Lineage today.  Saw fake "Shinwa" with a shop open, abusing a bug where you can sell an item and get the item back.  Really pissed me off.  Don't know why these Pinoy are protected on every server they go to.  I can only speculate the reasoning.

The work flow was good today.  Got the Top-down camera working as intended.  I added an auto zoom-out feature that is only enabled in siege zones.  Allowing the player to see a larger area, about 25% more of the map, while sieging a castle.  I will have to add an option in the menus to turn it off; I know players like to complain about everything.  As it is right now, you can just zoom back in if you want.  I could also see hackers trying to enable this setting to gain an advantage out in the field.  I will have to add a condition to the cull distance on the server.

Did some stress testing on the GUI today.  The heaviest load on the client, right now, is the GUI.  For some reason or another, Unity thinks its a good idea to update the entire canvas every time something changes. A new line of text in the chat window, opening your inventory, or even your HP changing, triggers the engine to redraw and calculate your entire GUI. The more you add to your GUI, the slower it'll get over time. I can't even imagine the performance hits from an animated GUI or a ScrollRect, lol.  Solution: It looks dirty, but breaking up the GUI into separate Canvases, resulted in a 200 times faster response time. Parenting your canvases after, seems to keep the performance boost and still allow you to control the entire UI from one draw call. Parenting is now going back to its old performance for some reason.  Will have to inspect more later tonight.

There is a saying in the development community, "Premature optimization is the root of all evil" and I agree.  I don't want to spend too much time optimizing and not enough time developing.  For me, the GUI is performing at 100% efficiency and so I am going to mark it off as finished.  Two hours of play testing, stressing and profiling, will make sure my players are not annoyed with a "clunky" UI.  Also designing from a multi-canvas approach, will allow my GUI to be scalable, forever.  Even on mobile devices.

Had to implement a small script to disable logging on the client.  Logging is enabled, by default, on development and non-development builds. There is no way to disable it when compiling.  This could be used by hackers to gain an advantage.

The terrain is not coming along.  I have the effect working in Blender but that doesn't really help.  In UE4 you could access the terrain tangent data, but in Unity you can't, apparently.  I am already annoyed with having to switch engines and this just adds to that annoyance.  There are apparently several terrain tools coming out in 2018 but I am developing on 2017 LTS so no real hope there.  I might have to do it all by hand, or switch up the style entirely.  Which I don't mind at all.

Here is a sample of the effect I am going for.  Did this in UE4.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

LE Text Update 2

I've spent the past few days looking over the GUI.  I was basically giving myself a refresher course on how everything worked.  I'd like to fix that piece of old UI that is stuck on top of the TAM button.  I could replace it with an empty image but that doesn't solve the problem.  I will need to dig deeper before I find the right XML setting.  As for the rest of the UI, half being in Korean, I am going to leave it for now.  The time it takes to replace or make entirely new buttons, is simply not worth it and I just keep finding more out of place PNGs.  So just sticking to text edits for now.

There was an issue with the in game command "-stat" (now fixed) not showing the correct amount of Damage Reduction (DR).  This lead me to believe certain spells/abilities were not working correctly.  I have gone over and tested most of the spells that I can.  They all seem to be working now so I have updated the descriptions where needed.

Most of this change-log is for the string table.  Basically all text in the console that isn't a description.

-Hot-key window now has proper mouse-over text.
-Spelling, spelling, spelling and more spelling/punctuation fixes.
-Fishing error messages should now work, unless they are overwritten from the server.
-Magic Resistance(MR) and Spell Power(SP) now added to mouse-over.
-"Decrease MP Consumption" changed to "Decrease MP Cost" so that the text fits inside the UI window.
-Party Window fixed.

The lines listed below are now corrected and should display in the correct event. NA = Needs to be checked in game.
The power of Nature's Touch returns to nature.
The power of Decrease Weight has faded.
Decay Potion's magical power has faded.
Silence's magical power has faded.
Disease magical power has faded.
Weakness magical power has faded.
The power of Wind Shackle returns to nature.
The power of Elemental Fall Down returns to nature.
The power of Counter Mirror returns to nature.
The power of Erase Magic returns to nature.
The power of Exotic Vitalize returns to nature.
The power of Water Life returns to nature.
The power of Elemental Fire returns to nature.
Hold effect has faded.
Stun effect has faded.
Reduction Armor has faded.
Bounce Attack has faded.
The power of Additional Fire returns to nature.
The power of Striker's Gale returns to nature.
The power of Aqua Protect returns to nature.
The power of Polute Water returns to nature.
Solid Carriage has faded.
Counter Barrier has faded.
Dragon Skin has faded.
Guard Break has faded.
Bloodlust has faded.
Fear has faded.
Mortar Body has faded.
Horror of Death has faded.
The mysterious power of Mirror Image has faded.
The mysterious power of Illusion [Ogre] has faded.
The mysterious power of Illusion [Lich] has faded.
The mysterious power of Illusion [Diamond Golem] has faded.
The mysterious power of Illusion [Avatar] has faded.
The mysterious power of Concentration has faded.
The mysterious power of Patience has faded.
The mysterious power of Sleep has faded.
The mysterious power of Insight has faded.
The mysterious power of Panic has faded.
Reduce heel will disappear.  NA
Death heel effect will disappear.  NA
Death Potion disappears.  NA
Potion of Wisdom effect has faded.
Blind Hiding has faded?  NA
The power of Earth Bind returns to nature.
The power of Entangle returns to nature.
Curse: Blind's magical power has faded.
Darkness's magical power has faded.
Sleep's magical power has faded.
Ice Lance's magical power has faded.

And several other various lines.

Download Update 2

My Two Week Break is Over

Well, it was a fun two week vacation.  I got suckered into playing Lineage Elites and had a lot of fun.  There were two things I learned over the past two weeks.  First, I prefer to program, fix, and dissect the client and server.  Second, I devote way too much time to whatever I am working on, be it grinding levels, translating, modeling or coding.  I can work for 12 to 16 hours straight without blinking an eye.  This is bad for my posture, physical health and hygiene.  I really have to keep an eye on how much time I spend at the computer.

I have been playing Lineage since Beta days (2000) so you can imagine how worn out I am with the grinding, PVP, etc. Switching out of "level mode" was actually a lot of fun.  I played an Elf with five rabbits, ran a small BP, then a second small BP.  Made an illusionist but didn't like the play style.  I didn't have a grasp of the cubes until after I sold my items.  Got my Knight to 55, boring, and spent the last few days hunting Elder Doll, Cockatrice Doll and leveling my Dragon Knight. DK is actually a lot of fun.  I would have loved to try out the morphs and proper skills but that wasn't possible here.

Gave this little gem to a friend of mine.  I have no use for it.  The next one I get I am selling, haha.
I still plan to play on LE, casually.  I have never really been a rich player, ever, so that part is still exciting to me.  I am still working on the text files as long as my friends are still playing here.  I was digging through a lot of my old English patches and even downloaded the Zelgo client to rip their English content, but it seems no one is up-to-date.  I don't know if Zelgo intentionally or accidentally encrypted their text files, but it was cute either way.  Guess I'll have to work each line manually, again.  Yea, those NPCs in Weldern are pissing me off, haha.

The GM's of LE added my spell patch to their launcher, so that's pretty cool.  I figure I'll finish the rest of the spells first as they are the easiest to confirm data on and require no translations.

Here is a screen of a camp fire I made for my new project.  I was lucky to find a tutorial that fits the art style I am going for.

I played around with the effect I used on the fire and applied it to a tree.  I like the look but the poly count is way too high to use in a real time setting so I won't be using it.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

LE Text Update 1

In this update I focused mainly on spells and spell descriptions as I find myself and others, are constantly having to search other sources for this information.  Philosophy: The player should never have to leave the client, to play the game.  All info is pulled from Korea Live or Japan Live and adjusted where I can confirm the information.  I will update costs/changes as they are released from the LE developers or further tested in game.

-Several spelling/punctuation mistakes corrected, about 900, across all spells.
-Removed "By: LE Server" and "By: KoD" and "By: Epoch".  I felt these were redundant and do not help the player when they are looking for spell information.
-Added descriptions for Mage Level 1 spells, on mouse-hover.
-Added descriptions for Dragon Knight/Illusionist spells, on mouse-hover.
-Corrected the HP/MP costs on Dragon Knight spells.
-Corrected Alignments on Dragon Knight spells.
-Corrected Targets and Target Range on Dragon Knight spells.
-Changed "MAGIC" to "Name" as this better represents the description.
-Chaotic Spells are now more red.
-"Undead" is now coloured for easier recognition.

Download Update 1 *Now available in the LE Launcher

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Interview with Shawn D

If you don't know who he is, you probably have never played Lineage: The Blood Pledge.  He is one of the most successful and prominent Lineage players from DEP, LoA and eventually private servers in North America.  I was on business in New Jersey and he was recently banned from the hyped up private server "Lineage Eternal", so I figured there was no better time to sit down and have a chat with my old pledge leader, PUREvsALL aka TheShawn.

Can you tell everyone who you were on live server? 

I started on DEP. Played as a knight named PoRnStaR. I made one of the first couple +9 Tsurugi's on DEP. Then I moved over to LOA as well as playing Test server as a Knight, on both, named PuReBeasT.  This was long before knights even had stun. Then I decided because knights were so boring and bad at the time, that I would switch to mage. I made ShockWave, where I joined Oink and was one of the very few with Destroy; when there was only maybe like 12-14 of them... Then I got bored of mage and that's when I made Homie (a wis elf) where I got it to 50 and decided to make a new elf named TheShawn, an int elf before int elf was even a thing. I got that elf to 50, and with both of my elfs I laid low and was only in the BP with all of the Oink members from NJ, which I ended up meeting a lot of them at PC cafes. After all that, I made a weird decision to make a Royal, after all of this because I wanted to rule LOA and PUREvsALL was born!... and then banned for "forum trolling", which I wasnt doing.

Hawkadium: You were ShockWave?

TheShawn: Yea, but you're probably thinking of SoundWave the STR mage lol.

Hawkadium: I remember both. SoundWave was shared though, wasn't he?

TheShawn: Young (NaRa) and I only played it. I made it. I even played Ettin but not for very long. One of the users was a NJ kid.

What made you decide to start playing Lineage Elites?

I decided to play Lineage Elites because after what had happened to Zelgo, with the whole two years of duped items, and the amount of RMT and servicing that had happened on that server. Playing it only for 5 weeks was already too long, as it is, and the GMs were non-existent. When I started chirping up to the GMs to actually do something, I was being straight forward and not talking shit to them. They decided to just Perma ban me, for a 2nd time. The first time I didnt even start playing on the server yet, lol. They deleted my accounts/characters as well... and because of that mostly everyone expect a rough few, that had probably spent the most money RMTing, had moved to LineageElites and I still wanted to play Lineage since I had that fire in my eyes... atm.

Hawkadium: Yes, I remember the RMT issue on Zelgo.  Two of my friends paid their rent selling items.

TheShawn: lol

Can you comment on what you enjoyed on the Lineage Elites server?

There was only a few things that i enjoyed about the server, the most important thing was the experience rate being low and besides that, the GMs were actually active and pushed for updates and content fixes or changes.

Hawkadium: There are still no level 70s on LE.

TheShawn: I'm sure KnightVald is close...

Hawkadium: He was an RMTer?

TheShawn: KnightVald is PayPald cause he paypals the pinoy's big $$ to lvl his char for him, or KnightVisa.

Hawkadium: And you are sure of this?

TheShawn: Yea... I was in their BP, he spoke about it on discord all the time.

Hawkadium: Interesting.

TheShawn: and the real user of the account can only play during 6pm-midnight EST. If the char is on and moving outside that time frame, it's a pinoy leveling it for him.

Hawkadium: Why do you think people resort to power leveling and buying Adena?

TheShawn: because without it they wouldnt be able to compete in pvp, because they would be too low level and either get dumpstered or stunned so easily. You can still be viable in pvp if you have the levels, even if you trash.

Hawkadium: And you are 100% against all RMT/PwerLeveling?

TheShawn: Yea, that's the original reason why I left their BP. I got into an argument with his stupid pinoy on his account and he kept Maple Wanding me so I spam canceled all of the level serviced characters. They cried to KnightVald and KnightVald took their side over me.

Hawkadium: Haha, I miss the days of Cancel Mages.

What did you not enjoy?

I didn't enjoy the fact that they openly allowed selling of Adena/Items and Level Servicing. Considering half of the skill of Lineage is leveling and obtaining your items. The drop rates on the server do not reflect the experience rates at all, it's like the experience rates are set up for a long term server, but the drop rates are set up for a 1 month wipe server, and this completely destroyed and ruined the economy. This all cannot ever be fixed unless they are willing to change the rates and take certain items away from people, which would then cause mass hysteria. There is many other things that I didnt enjoy, but these two problems overburden the others to even talk about the others atm.

Hawkadium: I agree, there is no rarity in items.  This has completely killed trading of low to mid-ranged items.

I heard you were banned but can still make a new account.  How do you feel about this?

LMAO what... I would never make another account to play.

Would you EVER go back to Lineage Elites?

For me to come back to LineageElites, they would need to completely get rid of or at least crack down on the adena/item sellers (completely perma ban these people) and as well as the level servicers. Then all of the characters that have been level serviced would need to be significantly deleveled to probably like sub 60 AND even still they would as well need to issue a forum apology to me on their website's front page and the forums... I could probably live with the trash super high drop rates, but that would definitely need to be changed as well probably, or they might as well just have like a 50x exp rate...

Hawkadium: Realistically that is unlikely to happen.  Would you start at level one or would you want your character restored?

TheShawn: my character would have to be restored... there would be 0% chance of me coming back if they did all that, and didnt even restore my character as well... They are just morons to even delete the characters (if they do).

Hawkadium: Don't you think the GMs were patient with you.  I mean, I saw some of the statements you made.  You were very... emotional.  Maybe a Temp ban should have been more appropriate.

TheShawn: I was pretty patient with them as well, I gave them a week to get rid of certain people (that had proof against them) and deal with certain people. Regardless temp ban or perma ban, I was quitting if certain actions weren't taken on people. The same result of me not playing would've happened.

We've all seen the rise and fall of many different Lineage private servers.  Since even before NA Lineage shut down.  What do you think so many of these GMs are doing wrong?

All GMs are corrupt and if they arent, they end up turning corrupt. There was probably only two GMs in the history of Lineage private servers, that were never corrupt at one point or another.  Yeo and Quinn (frisky cow Quinn). "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

Hawkadium: Haha.

Do you think people treat you unfairly?

I would say yes people tend to treat me unfairly. Only because I am straight forward and dont give a shit about anything. Honestly because I'm not one of these depressed losers who are just straight up addicted to Lineage and cant live without it. You have to understand that as a player base for a Lineage private server, we the population have all of the power and without us, the GMs quiver and that's another reason why I try my best to always stick up for anyone that gets screwed over by the GMs. I'm gonna look at a polished turd and say it's a piece of shit, I'm very blunt. These clowns would rather continue to play on the server, than everyone quit for a week or two or until the GMs do something about the RMT and level servicing issue. All of those people are just weak individuals, because their Lineage addiction is all they have, even when there are thousands and thousands of games out there they could play while waiting for such an issue to be resolved.

Without new content, do you think people will keep coming back and playing these private servers?

New content helps, but with that comes a lot of bugs. I think people would rather play something that works semi-right instead of something that doesnt work at all. The main thing that even makes the server look like it's growing is the fact that all of the Adena/Item sellers have a ton of characters online, in Shopmode and Farming (probably around 30ish). Just so that they can live rich in some 3rd world country because suckers will always be RMTing when the GMs dont care about it. I would rather the population be 50 and it's all actual players that are on always and fighting, instead of it being 100 with half of them being Adena/Item sellers.

Do you think Lineage still has that spark/heart that lured us in, all those years ago?

As long as there is a server up and running, i'm sure people will flock to it. For me, all a server needs is good drama and an active player base that is willing to fight at peak hours. I dont think it will ever lose that spark to lure us Lineage fiends in, because the game is just so damn good. From having an addictive enchanting system, stat system that allows people to pick how they want to build their character, variety of items to use, a damage system that is so intricate that almost all of these people who play the game have no clue how it works. Just like a lot of things in this game, the damage system is one of the things that never changed. It is all on a dice roll system still, and I honestly cant think of many people who actually know this, unless you had a Korean friend to explain it all, you know nothing.

Hawkadium: Well, I think that covers everything.  Is there anything else you'd like to add in closing?

TheShawn: LineageElites' GMs are dedicated retards. :joy:

Hawkadium: Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me.  I hope the community understands your view a little better now and I am sure we would all love you see you back up at Phoenix, trying to get kills. :P

If you'd like to know more about TheShawn, you can visit his blog here.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Goodbye LE

Well, after today, I have to say the Lineage community has got to be the worst group of people I have ever met.  Never in my life have I known such foul and angry players.  I don't know how half these players don't have cancer.   I don't mean that as a joke or insult, I am serious.  Holding onto and expressing that much anger, vulgarity and rage is beyond unhealthy.  I really hope some of them learn to meditate or exercise.  It'll save them a lot of money in medical bills later.  So on that note, I am out for good.

A few things to consider.  I did some light to heavy modifications of my own server, last year.  Garbage collection, network pooling, a few security fixes, etc.  I boosted my server response time by over 1,000% in some cases.  There are also a lot of database changes/updates that can be made to boost performance as well.  I will probably release them, if asked, but I don't know how backwards compatible they are or if the GMs are using an L1J rip.  It kinda sucks just giving away months of work but at the same time it'll give me closure to this addiction called Lineage.

On a positive note, one lucky friend will be getting my items.  Not a lot but 80m is 80m.

For the few people who I connected with, I hope you stay around.  Even that guy that killed my dogs on 34f, lol.  I will be adding a development log to this page.  Some of you already know that I am working on my own MMO, which is loosely based off the Lineage PVP system but set in a higher fantasy world.  Closed Beta is scheduled for May 29th, 2019.  So stay tuned for when registration opens for that.

Spoiled Myself

Decided to spoil myself today.  I bought a +7 Iron Set.  I probably blew close to 30 shields, helms, gloves and boots, with no luck.  I still think there is something off with enchant rates.  Iron Chest is still +5, that piece doesn't seem to be very easy to find.  Probably because of how much it weighs, people are just dropping them on the ground.  I always recommend you invest in yourself and your character.  If you have 40m adena and there is a 30m adena upgrade you can buy, do it!  There is no reason to sit on adena.

Had a small chat with the GM today.  He seemed interested in working together.  It'd be nice if I can have all my text changes officially supported, instead of having to ask players to visit some third party site.  He explained why he is so busy and it's relate-able.  This is the console message we get when Reduction Armor runs out, lol.

Monday, 11 June 2018


Well, weird thing today, I got Phoenix twice within eight hours.  It's weird because there are usually so many PVPers camping that spot.  Got a bunch of other bosses but no good drops on this server yet.  I'd like to get Death Knight soon, and start hitting up TOI bosses.

Decided to blow a few items to clear up my storage.  Three bcomrs and nine cloak of protection.  Only made a +6 cop, so junk.  I have blown countless weapons and armors over the years and something just doesn't feel right.  I have a suspicion the GMs messed with the enchant success rate.  I will have to do more tests later and write the numbers down.  It's not uncommon for the GMs here to make changes and not tell the player base.

I am going to start saving all PVP kills, so we can reference them later or so others can see, if they weren't online.  Only one for today.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Lineage Elites Text Fixes

Well, as it doesn't seem the GMs of LE plan to do any updates.  "We don't have the time", allegedly.  I have taken it upon myself to update the text and sprite files.  A link will be up in the next few days for everyone, for free.  I had to say for free because back in 2014, some people were trying to sell my English Patch for real money.  I had to encrypt the files and watermark all NPCs, lol.  A lot of extra for very little gain.  Remember, this will always be free.

If LineageElites ever updates their text files, let's say, for an event; that update will overwrite any changes from my patch.  Do not worry, you can keep playing as normal.  Give me about 24 hours to update the patch with the new content from LE.

I am also considering releasing the latest R Grade Polies.  I will probably replace the in-game Sharna Polies, as they look the most similar.  Remember, this will not give a bonus to move/attack speed, this is simply cosmetic.  So stay tuned for that.

If LE ever sets their code up to be open source, I would consider taking up the role as full time bug fixer and content updater.  There is no reason we can't keep releasing patches from Korea.  Even though I have access to every client/server from the past seven years, including LEs, I have no way of confirming what stuff they have added/changed.  As some of you may have noticed, they seemed to have mixed and matched certain patches.  And after several attempts, they don't seem to want any help so we will have to live without, for now.

Checkout those numbers online <3