Thursday, 22 May 2014

Monster Generator Update

The screenshot below may not look like much, but trust me. I just spent the past two days trying to make that work. So, what are we looking at?! Let's make a list!

  • Each map now has two controller variables. One variable will control how many monsters spawn, the other will control the level range. This of course makes it very easy to change at a moments notice. Events with level 99 Wolfs in town? Saaaaweet!
  • Monsters now have all their instance variables loaded from an Array. Level, Exp, Health, Mana, Damage, etc etc.
  • Monsters now have name plates about their heads. Can be disabled in the Options window. (I may add colour coding based on the players current level. Red for more than four levels above the player. Blue for four levels below the players and everything else in between.

To-Do List
  • Add Monster AI for Path Finding, Attacks, Skill use.
  • Prevent Monsters from spawning on top of solids.
  • Add a respawner after Monster is killed.

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