Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Construct 2 to Unity

After using Construct 2 for more than two years, I have finally decided to switch to Unity.  This move has been long over due.  As to why I kept with C2 for so long, I have no idea.  Maybe it was the cost?  I do hate buying things and then not using them.  Yes, this does happen, like that electric guitar starter kit I bought nine years ago... gah that still annoys me.  I could list at least a hundred different problems I have had with Construct 2, its community, its developers, and even it's own forums but that would take far too long.  I also don't want people to think C2 is a bad product, I think people should understand that it's really just for simple platformer games and prototyping.  I would even go as far as considering it a stepping stone for game designers.  New to the scene?  Start with C2!  The same idea goes for Unity as well.  There are literally hundreds of reasons to switch and I couldn't list them all or even give opinions on them because I have barely used to the product.  But I am hopeful, after all Unity is free!  Yes, free, amazing I know right. 

When I first started using Unity about three years ago there was a significant amount of restrictions and hefty upfront costs, which based on my design skills, I could not justify at the time.  Now with the costs removed, two years of experience under my belt, and the headache that is C2; it's time to move.  So far I am very excited and amazed at the new features that have been added since I left.  There is even a 2D option!  Sweet apple pie, I love 2D!  Any way, there is now a huge opportunity for myself to not only deliver a more polished game but to also make more extensive tutorials, which you can expect to see in the coming weeks.

As always, my new content will continue to be uploaded to OpenGameArt and my developer blog will remain here.

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