Sunday, 5 October 2014

Little Jimmy is going to fail!

After reading the title, I know what you are thinking, “No not little Jimmy, he is so determined! He has passion! His parents loved him so he is different! Jimmy has been playing games since he was a fetus! He can’t fail, I know he’s got what it takes!!”

Are you done yet? Good.

Now, back to the part of Jimmy failing. If you can’t handle seeing Jimmy fail then I suggest you get out now. Just leave and don’t come back, ever. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Go Now! Get out of here!”

If you haven’t left yet, you are either stupid or you don’t care about Jimmy at all. Either way, let’s get started on Jimmy’s first failure at making a "VIDEO GAME!".

Failure #1
This is the game he tried to recreate after following a two minute tutorial on Youtube. He followed every step, every letter, he even downloaded the source files and it still somehow took him three days to make a Pong game. It’s finally working! No, wait it’s… yup, it’s working now! Hmm, where should Jimmy upload his new game? The ol’ Arcade! Right now Jimmy is thinking, “Yes, let’s go there and I’m gonna put a nice spin on my game. Itt’s gonna be beautiful, and awesome and I will make dollars!”

But wait Jimmy. There are already 42,000 other Pong games on the Arcade! You can’t expect to stand out in a crowd like that. What are you going to do?
Jimmy says, “Let’s check some of them out. Oh, that one is pretty, oh, that has a clever spin to it, oh, I never even thought of that…”

At this point Jimmy has two options. The first option will completely destroy him and any hope of him ever becoming a game developer. The second option will be a small step in the right direction for a rewarding, and hopefully successful career.

Let’s take a look at option one. Jimmy falls into depression. He feels inadequate and begins to lash out at other people and their games. He begins to blame the software and the community. He starts leaving nasty messages on other completed games and rude comments for others asking for help. Jimmy eventually disappears to deal with his “real life issues”. Four to six months later Jimmy reappears as Jimmy2.0 and the process starts all over again. This is a continuous downward spiral that he will most likely never recover from.

Now, option two. Jimmy accepts that his game is just another clone and that it will fade away into the abyss of other tutorial based games. All of his hard work has meant nothing. No one cares about his game and no one is going to tell him he did a good job. Not even his mother. Because she passed away last year in an unfortunate skydiving accident. Tip: Always bring a backup chute… just saying.

As I was saying, Jimmy has come to a sad realization. That no matter how hard you try, or how passionate you are, or have many times you’ve seen something happen in front of you; you’ll never have the skills until you put in the time. And that’s exactly what Jimmy what did. He started practicing his game development every day. From Pong to Tetris to Flappy Bird, he made them all. He was learning new techniques and designs and theories and making friends in the community and helping others. That is until… failure #2.

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