Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Akali Defualt Scythe - Cosplay Blueprint

This is Akali's default scythe skin from League of Legends.  I have posted two images below that show the detail and scale of the weapon.  The scale of Akali's weapon is set for a female 5'5" tall.  If you are taller or shorter I recommend adjusting the scale by the percentile difference in your height from 5'5".  So, if you were 5'0" you would just take 10% off the scale of the weapon.  So 34 inches in length would be 30.5 inches with rounding  to the nearest half inch.

If you take a look at the image on the left, you'll notice the first image has more detail.  I recommend using this one for her other skins of if you are going for a darker or more dangerous look.  The blueprint skin is the actual current skin used by Akali as of update 5.11 (6/23/2015).  I recommend using PVC pipe to reinforce this weapon if you are using EVA foam.  It can bend under its own weight, especially after a long day at a con.  As always, make sure you click the images first so you can save the larger image and not just the thumbnail.

Akali's Scythe - Blueprint
Akali Scythe - Detail

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