Friday, 7 July 2017

First Post on Chronos

Well, I have been hunting Harnak Underground Ruins.  Had some newb farming in my spot, named "Lingyin".  I knew he was too well geared to kill so I just started farming the same spot.  He started pinking on me, stunning me every five seconds, bursting down every mop I touched.  I stood my ground and kept farming.  He left after 15 minutes, lol.  Patience pays off in the end.  I have been farming Harnak's for the past 15 hours straight.

I have made just over 40% from pure grinding.  I am seriously considering buying an EXP Rune, but that is one slippery slope.  

Avora requested some 18A content... except that tomorrow.  Today's Report: Only for the last six hours of the day.