Sunday, 9 July 2017

Update 2 - Level 88 and Episode 5.0 Content

I finally got a glimpse of some of the new content coming in episode 5.0.  I won't go into detail right now because I haven't had a chance to look at everything, but so far, some of the new stuff looks pretty damn awesome.  One of the biggest changes I am excited for is the new Blood Pledge content.  Those terribly outdated rankings are finally going away, there will now only be two ranks (Elite and Pledge Member).  Pledge levels are now increased up to 15.  I am not sure what all the bonuses are for but it gives more incentive for growth.  I absolutely love pledge levels, skills, passive bonuses, etc.  World of Warcraft had a really good clan system back in the days of Cataclysm, before Blizzard ruined it.  Anyway, group content is why I play an MMO and when you log in on a Sunday morning and see that your entire pledge can now hunt with a new passive buff because you and a bunch of your other pledge mates, went and completed some major task... well that's pure pride right there.

There are a few other changes I am excited for.  ISS buffs will now be one spell instead of like eight.  I may have read that part wrong; I only started learning Korean a few months ago.  It also looks like we will be getting some new quests after 85 to help boost us along.  This I don't really care for.  I know we all want max level, but when you are the player that has hit 85 and then started busting your ass off for 90, 95 and 100... its a little disheartening knowing you can just wait a year and those levels will be handed out for free.  Which leads me to my final bit of info for today.

I am now level 88, w00t!  If I remember correctly, I am already 25% into this level.  The Red Libra event is definitely helping me burn through this rough patch.  I know I will feel a lot better once I hit level 90.  Fairies has been a fun spot, good exp but I hate all the running around.  I'd rather kill one large mop for 10,000,000 exp, than to kill ten mops for 1,000,000 exp.  Yes, I know it's the same exp, but it doesn't feel challenging to just AOE down large packs of fairies.  Both of my alts are now 76+ so I am excited to get them awakened.  I am hoping to do this tomorrow, but realistically, it's looking to happen on Monday or Tuesday.

The pledge leader has been gone today and yesterday so the overall activity of our members has been seriously lacking.  No one on discord, no fights, no groups... and it seems every time I ask a question, there is a response in a different language.  I don't care if other languages are in the pledge, but right now, it's leaving me with a sense of loneliness.

Here is my play report for the day.