Monday, 10 July 2017

Update 3 - Clan Hunt, Macros, PVP

Today was pretty damn awesome.  After spending two full days grinding, it's nice to get out with the clan, hit some high exp spots and engage in some PVP; even if we lost.

I was finally able to finish my first Kartia 85.  Almost died, but survived in the end.

Spent most of the day hunting Harnak's on my own.  I did bring my two alts over to Bloody Swampland, to power level them, while I was doing the event and daily quests.  Eventually kicked their broke asses back to Varka Outpost, lol.  They only hit 83 today, so I am kinda regretting not sticking with the power leveling.  I want them 85 and out on their own ASAP.

Later in the evening I got an invite for an EXP group, which was a welcome change.  I am usually reluctant to join EXP groups because although they can be fun, they usually offer less EXP per hour.  We headed down to some Observation place (I forget the location now).  We found a group of macro bots farming a good spot so we decided to kick them out.  Waited for them to pink on us and then we ended them all.  "Cucko "BaScHaN "Trak3n and their ISS, never had a chance, lol.  We actually spent about two hours there farming, after we had killed them.  I guess the owner thinks he was safe and just never had to check on his macro bots.

Speaking of the owner.  "Militia, the scripting, macro botter, rude person... finally showed up.  He killed most of us at least once.  People were saying he was over level 100 and was a perma red.  I tried to hit him but all my skills missed.  I died four shots later, lol.  My clan leader went on his 101 Mage but wasn't able to kill him either.  Militia uses some sort of script for instant defense and targeting abilities.  Was pretty obvious after a few fights with him and his heal bot.  I died twice.  I didn't plan on spending the evening face down, but the b-resses from the clan made it manageable.  Militia ran his mouth for a while longer after the fight.  Not sure why this guy was raging so hard.  I am guessing this is his job in real life.  So two hours lost farming, its probably like 40$ or something for him.  Poor guy, I hope he gets to eat tomorrow.

Overall EXP gain was absolutely amazing today.  I hit twenty billion, that's billion, with a B!  That's a new record for me.  The group hunt was definitely a contributing factor.  I will be hitting level 90 tomorrow.  I am not sure what exactly I am going to do about my items yet.  My Awakened Set has only 25 days until it expires.  I should be able to hit 95 and get an R95 weapon before they expire.  I am just not sure how to go about doing that.  Some say craft, others say buy.  I guess we will have to see where I am at financially at 95.

I have a new section coming to the blog.  I'd like to call it End Shots.  Every Monday I will be posting a weekly dump of all the kill shots I have gotten, including clan fights.  It's a great way to keep track of who you killed and a perfect way to rub it in their face a few months down the road, lol.  I am questioning the abilities of Blogspot though.  I want to be able to tag each and every screenshot and then allow users to come to the website and search a players name.  That search will show results for every time that person has died.  If I can't get that working here, I will switch to my own site but that's probably months down the road.  Oh, and one final bit of bad news.  My Mentee headphones expired.  I no longer look like a bad ass DJ :(

Play report for 7/09/2017