Friday, 14 July 2017

Update 4 - Class Change, PVP

Well, a lot has happened in the last four days.  It would probably take me a few hours to write everything down, edit screenshots, and format it all; so I will just be giving ya'll a summary.

First, I finally made it back to Talking Island (pref 2011).  Everything was black and white, for the effect of going back in time or probably going back to an old memory.  I don't think it was actual time travel, psst, here is a secret of mine, I don't read quest text.  So, don't tell anyone okay... or else.

Long story short, I switched classes.  I am now playing a Kamael Yul Trickster.  Absolutely love the switch.  I can actually PVP a bit.  There is a lot of potential in this class.  I came across the suspicious group of "players" when I was off exploring other areas that I never go.

And another group of "players".

Took me two days or about 16 hours of play time to hit 85.  Did I mention I love the class change?

I PKed so many people on my way to 85.  I even went full red just for the hell of it.  I can't wait to this hot piece of meat at 105, wrecking people left and right.